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Nexa Charitable Contributions Information

Why We Donate to College Possible

Nexa is built on the mission to enrich the education experience by making it easier for students to get where they want to be. In doing that, we want to level the playing field for people who do not have the resources to make that happen. We strive to create a platform which allows anyone to gain the insight they need to succeed from their college journey into their professional lives.

With this being said, we understand going to college is not available for everyone due to many socioeconomic and civil justice factors and hence have opted to create our donation feature centered around College Possible, which helps to remove the barriers that get in the way of earning a college degree.

More information about College Possible can be found at their website www.collegepossible.org and we encourage you to take a look and see the wonderful work they do day in and day out.

How We Use Nexa To Donate

Being a mentor on Nexa is a great way to create a side hustle as a professional while also building your network. We do also have those who do it to give back to the student community and do not find the income to be their main ethos.

With this, we give them the option to give back even more by making their proceeds available for charitable contribution to College Possible. This is a checkable box next to their service price when creating their listings and is up to the mentor to choose whether to use or not. When checked, the total proceeds are then split evenly between Nexa earnings and Nexa's charitable fund which donates its balance to College Possible every month.

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