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Bringing the gig economy to college and beyond

A marketplace that allows students and professionals to capitalize on their skills and insight while helping students succeed

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Create a side hustle that gives back

By offering services on Nexa, you create an easy side hustle while also paving the way for students trying to break into your industry


Your insight matters

We strive to bring students a diverse selection of knowledge and backgrounds in many fields. Your voice and experience may be what a student needs to get where you are today


Forget paychecks, get paid daily

Using Stripe's payment processing system, we deliver best-in-class payment efficiency and safety with earnings paid out daily to mentors


It's a great idea and a great way to mentor on my time


I always wanted to give back to students and having a way for them to find me helps me focus on my job and still achieve that


I love this idea and I'm happy to help the next wave of creators become true professionals

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