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In 2020, we were in our last few months of college and looking for jobs. While on this search, we found that besides jobs descriptions, there was no proper way to drill deeper on roles, companies, and overall industry sentiment. Unless you knew someone from a specific company, it was near impossible to find information on that role beyond the job description.

This inspired us to create the Nexa Marketplace: The best online mentoring platform, connecting college students with top industry professionals. We make the process easy by letting students book time with mentors with little effort or cost.

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Our Mission

Nexa is dedicated to bringing college students the resources and support to facilitate a smooth transition from college to career.

We are a tech company that connects students and mentors to create an environment of learning and growing. College and beyond has not always been available for everyone and there are still hurdles today. We believe that no matter your race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, that you have the right to create a future for yourself that is not discouraged by anyone.

We also take pride in creating a marketplace that encourages mentors to share what they have learned and boldly display their narrative to the next generation. We are proud of our mentors and offer many ways for them to gain benefit from being with us. We understand that every person is a different person. With that in mind, we allow our mentors to create their own listings based on topics they know well and wish to discuss.

With every step towards making Nexa the greatest it can be, we keep our goals set on innovation, creation, and opportunity.

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Our Leadership

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Manik Akhand

Cofounder and CEO

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Ion Kruger

Cofounder and CFO

United States

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